Disruption to Easter travel ‘ruined’ newly married couple’s honeymoon plans


A newly married couple said Easter weekend travel disruptions ruined their honeymoon plans after they missed their ferry amid long queues at Dover.

Ashley Griffiths-Beamon, 33, and husband Damian Griffiths-Beamon, 36, tied the knot on Thursday and were due to travel to Belgium to celebrate their honeymoon.

Mr Ashley Griffiths-Beamon told the PA news agency: “I am upset and frustrated.

“We had some great plans for today which have now been ruined.

Ashley and Damian Griffiths-Beamon at their wedding on Thursday (Ashley Griffiths-Beamon/PA)

“The delays will impact our plans today for our day in Bruges, which is a shame as we were both looking forward to seeing the city.”

On Friday morning, DFDS initially advised customers to arrive at least 90 minutes before their departure time, adding that it “expects a busy day in the Port of Dover”.

He later updated those guidelines, encouraging passengers to allow at least two hours.

“Given that we have been waiting here for almost 180 minutes, I would say their advice is misleading,” Mr Ashley Griffiths-Beamon told PA.

The couple arrived in Dover shortly after 6am for their 8.30am ferry.

After missing it, they were transferred to a ferry at 9:55 a.m. and left soon after.

The couple missed their first ferry due to queues (Ashley Griffiths-Beamon/PA)

Millions of drivers are expected to hit the roads on Good Friday in what is expected to be the busiest travel day of the Easter weekend.

Further delays are expected after Thursday’s travel chaos, with passengers at airports, ferry terminals and train stations waiting for hours in long queues.

Amanda Burton, 33, from Peterborough, told PA she arrived in Dover at 4am on Friday morning but missed her 8am ferry.

She said the disruption was “ridiculous”, adding that there were “only four people at border control”.

She added: “We are going to Bruges for the weekend.

“We feel frustrated and tired.

“I don’t know why only four staff check in thousands and thousands of cars.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘Those traveling in and out of the UK during the busy Easter period may face longer waiting times than usual due to a high number of passengers and as we ensure that all passengers comply with the security and immigration measures put in place to protect us.

“Border Force’s number one priority is maintaining a secure border, and we will not compromise on that. We are mobilizing additional staff to help minimize passenger wait times and will continue to deploy our staff flexibly to manage this demand.


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